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Breakthrough research lowers pancreatic cancer’s resistance to chemo

Amplia has featured on page 5 of The Australian newspaper, in a story by Health Editor Natasha Robinson.

The article, “Breakthrough research lowers pancreatic cancer’s resistance to chemo”, summarises the significance of new preclinical research by the Garvan Institute for Medical Research published in Science Advances.

A short excerpt from the article:

“The Australian biopharma Amplia Therapeutics is preparing to conduct a Phase II clinical trial to test a new drug, AMP945, which targets FAK and may break down the fibrotic shield surrounding pancreatic tumours.

Now Garvan researchers have established that targeting FAK prior to treatment made the cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and reduced cancer spread by 50 per cent in mice.

...The new approach provides hope for patients with an aggressive form of cancer called pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma which has a five-year survival rate of less than one in 10, and below 3 percent if the cancer has already metastasised.”

Read the full article in The Australian here.