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New Phase 1 Clinical Trial Data

Amplia has received supplementary data from its recent Phase 1 clinical trial that confirms that orally administered AMP945 is able to inhibit the activity of its intended drug target - Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) -  in humans. 

As part of the Phase 1 clinical trial completed earlier in 2021, skin samples were collected from healthy volunteers, and analysed to measure FAK activity both before and after the volunteers were given an oral dose of AMP945. The collected data shows that orally administered AMP945, at safe and well-tolerated doses, results in a measurable decrease in FAK activity in humans. 

These exciting results reinforce the strong scientific basis for Amplia’s Phase 2 trial in pancreatic cancer patients, scheduled for early 2022. 

 Amplia's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Mark Devlin said: 

“Being able to observe inhibition of FAK in human volunteers is an important piece of the jigsaw. We have observed inhibition of FAK by AMP945 in animal models and this has been associated with anti-tumour and anti-fibrotic activity. Getting such clear and compelling FAK inhibition data in our Phase 1 trial is very pleasing and provides additional comfort as we start trialling AMP945 in patients.  

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