Clinical Advisers

Dr Jose Iglesias MD 

Clinical Adviser (Oncology)

Dr Jose Iglesias has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, primarily focused on the clinical development of new oncology drugs and has held senior executive leadership roles with many of the leading oncology pharmaceutical companies including GSK, Eli Lilly, AMGEN, Abraxis and Celgene. During this time, he has designed and developed clinical trials for all phases of clinical trials (Phase 1-to-Phase 4), including three oncology Phase 3 registration trials that involved over 2,000 patients. Dr Iglesias was responsible for the Phase 3 development of Abraxane in pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and metastatic breast cancer. As a result of this work, Abraxane became the new worldwide standard of care of the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer.

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Dr Jason Lickliter MBBS, FRACP 

Medical Adviser

Dr Jason Lickliter trained as a medical oncologist in Australia and at the University of Minnesota and is
currently the Chief Medical Officer at Nucleus Network, a multi-centre phase 1 clinical trials
organization. He began working with Amplia on the AMP945 phase 1 trial in healthy volunteers and has
since become an adviser for the ACCENT trial. Dr Lickliter has extensive experience in designing and
implementing early-phase patient and healthy-volunteer clinical trials, including the integration of
biomarker studies and advanced imaging into clinical research.

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